Paxcis Identity solves companies' problem by helping them managing their people-performance aspects, and helps fellow professional finding ways to achieve success.

As you’re well aware, finding the right professionals for the right position is a challenge for many organizations. If you are looking for a difference that make a difference, we are the “Executive Search and Board Consultant” that you can consider. We assist organizations in finding the professional who will fit right in; and in building your people, system, and organisation values.

We assist professionals in achieving success and building their retirement plan. If you are looking for a way out of your situation or if you are planning for your future career, we are ready to assist you. Are you satisfied with your career today?

Our values
Listening more than Talking
Deliver more than Promised
Value over Cost
Impact over Results
Relationships over Billing


Executive Coaching

finding ways to achieve success ...

Executive Search

solving companies problems in finding the right professional 

Board Consulting

helping companies steer clear of their problems in people and organization's performance. 

Paxcis Journal

our three mind

The Coaching Paradoxes



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Hany Gungoro, CFA

Executive Coach | Consultant

Vany G

Recruitment Partner