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About UsComprehensive Solutions
for Your Business & Career

Paxcis Identity is a PLACE for a financially healthy business and self-fulfilled life.

If you are a business owner, it means that your business has the financial strength and good reputation to serve your customer well.

If you identify as an individual or career professional, it means that you are self-aware. maximixing your potential, doing what you do best, gaining financial independence, and looking foward to a happy retirement.

How satisfied are you with your business, career, or life right now?

Our ValueWhat  will YOU get ?

Our business and financial consulting specializes in developing and integrating your business model, business system, and business leaders to help your business be financially healthy and to help your business’ leaders be prepared for the future.

Our abilities and experiences are to work on the technical-side as well as the human-side of the implementation. 

If you are looking for a difference that make a difference, we are the “Board Consultant and Executive Search” that you can consider.

In Paxcis, We value :

  • Impact over results
  • Relationship over billing
  • Value over cost
  • Deliver more than promised
  • Listen more than talk
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FeatureWhat We Promise for Successful Company

Our contribution to the client success comes from …

more than 30 years of experiences in business and company strategic projects.

ability to improve and make individuals aware of their thinking, hidden potential, and blind spots" to achieve their goals successfully

result-oriented, get things done, transfer the knowledge

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StepsProblems we solve


Connecting the DOTS

Connecting the business model, business system, and business leaders to perform effectively.

Right People Right Place

Solving the absence of the right professional in the right place with the right mindset

Solid Business Financial System

Providing extra time to expanding the business

Advisory Committee

Bridging the expectations gap between the shareholders and the executive

We Provides Top-Quality Financial Strategic Analysis & Self-Development Services

We have advanced skills and ample resources to create large-scale solutions as well as guide professional individuals from idea to success.