Business System & Financial Consulting

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Leave the past success behind, manage the present business well,
but be prepared for the future - paxcis identity

Our focus is on building your business to be financially healthy and your business' leader to be prepared for the future.  We specialize in building and scaling up your business model, developing your business system, and expanding the capacity of your business leaders

What YOU get from us

being part of YOUR Advisory Board providing Strategic and Financial Advice

Working on your business model, mergers and acquisitions, or other corporate initiatives, to accelerate business growth, build positive cash flow, and restore the organization’s financial health

Build and scale-up the business system and the people who runs it
… the system is about how our business work, how our business monetizes, what keeps our business going and scaling healthily.

  • Business System Mapping
  • Re-building YOUR financial information system
  • Realigning YOUR People and Organization Model to find ways how to keep more talents and/or stay efficient

Expanding the capacity of your business leaders, senior managements and workforce to tackle the future business growth and challenges.

Role that we can contribute

  • board advisor
  • an independence observer
  • technical consultant
  • project manager

Benefits YOU can enjoy

more than 30 years of expereinces
ability to balance the technical-side and human-side of the projects
special package for other Paxcis' services