Financial Information system


Leave the hassle of your business system to us so that you can devote your time and efforts to expanding your business ~

are you facing the following situation in your business

  • Business is growing, but the current information system is not adequate to support business development.
  • The monthly report is constantly late, and the data is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Lots of unpleasant surprised in your books
  • Uncontrolled expenses
  • The sales and operations division does not get enough support from the financial team.
  • High turnover of the financial team

Regardless of your business size, if you are facing the above-mentioned situation, perhaps it is time that you review your financial information system.  As we all know, the right financial information system has a direct impact on cost savings and operational improvements, and it will help your business survive and thrive in challenging economic situations.

The business system has been evolving super-fast, from paper-based systems to Excel spreadsheets and now to modern ERP automation. However, it takes a lot more than an application system and technological know-how to implement effective financial systems. It also requires a deep understanding of all aspects of the finance function, the business model itself, and the mindset of the financial people in the organization.

The advancement of the system requires a mindset shift from the financial team in the company from being a bookkeeper to being a navigator

Our methodology is designed to help you and your team build a business system, including building a financial information system, so that you can comfortably devote your time and efforts to expanding your business.


What we can do for YOU

Re-building YOUR financial system and the financial people’s mindset
... from being the bean counter - recording and reporting on results to being the navigator –  provide navigation and deliver values


Upgrade YOUR system to  A BEST-FIT ERP SYSTEM
... to improve business productivity and efficiency by automating processes and providing a centralized source of data for all teams at your company


digitPlus is the Financial Information System for small-and-medium enterprises

Free your time and start expanding your business

Bottom-line benefits of a solid business system

  • reduce operating costs comes from an error-prone manual system,
  • reduce siloed information and data duplication,
  • improve the information quality for analysis and decision-making,
  • improve productivity
  • promote more collaboration among the division, and
  • enable faster scalability


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Benefits YOU can enjoy

a financial information system tailored to your needs
Technical Expertise in Corporate Finance, Tax and Technology
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